Vanguard Equipment Cards

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This handy deck contains reference cards for the items in the Vanguard rulebook plus a selection of all-new items to add to your games.CONTENTS
Contents: 66 poker card sized Equipment Cards. Including:

3 x Spear – Common
2 x Lucky Charm – Common
Bodkin Arrow – Common
Sheaf of Arrows – Common
2 x Heavy Weapon – Common
2 x Bow/Light-crossbow – Common
3 x Common Mount – Common
Crossbow – Common
Large Shield – Common
Crude Throwing Knife – Common
Wicked Dagger – Common
2 x Buckler – Common
2 x Smelling Salts – Common
Dwarven Ale – Common
Brew of Courage – Common
Healing Herbs – Rare
Battle Potion – Rare
Potion of Haste – Rare
Potion of Concentration – Rare
Long Bow – Rare
Markman’s Rifle – Rare
Rare Mount – Rare
Blade of Slashing – Rare
Energy Crystal – Rare
Orcsbain’s Amulet of Thorns – Rare
Banner of the Griffin – Rare
Scroll of Arcane Knowledge – Rare
Scroll of Protection – Rare
Full Plate Armour – Rare
Darklord’s Onyx Ring – Rare
Blade of the Beast Slayer – Rare
Armour of Confusion – Rare
Forgebreaker – Rare
Ruined Staff of Silibar – Rare
Elixir of Resilience – Rare
Holy Water – Unique
Restorative Brew – Unique
Explorer’s Map – Unique
Lifeleech Blade – Unique
Soulthirst Blade – Unique
Soulthirst Bow – Unique
Holy Hand Grenades – Unique
Healing Potion – Unique
Firescorch Scroll – Unique
Ophidian Book of Secrets – Unique
Helm of Confidence – Unique
Medallion of Life – Unique
Cloak of the Chameleon – Unique
Battle Mount – Unique
Wings of Honeymaze – Unique
Power Rune – Unique
Tome of Valandor – Unique
Spidersilk Armour – Unique
Dunstan’s Amulet of Protection – Unique
Helm of Command – Unique

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