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Seraphon: Raptadon Hunters

Seraphon: Raptadon Hunters

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Raptadon Chargers are revered as holy paladins of Tepok, ruler of all things mystical – fanatical skinks riding quick-witted raptadon steeds, armed with arcane weapons taken from the depths of the Inscrutable One's temples. These relics glow with potent energies that can melt clean through armour, drawing on geomantic power to intensify each strike.

This multipart plastic kit builds five Raptadon Chargers – skink mage-knights mounted atop swift hunting beasts. Every Charger wears a sacred headdress and wields a mystical Tepok lance – the skinks and their raptadon steeds each have distinctive, dynamic poses, and the kit also includes five moonstone clubs that can hang from belts or saddles. One model can be built as an Alpha champion with a unique head, one as a Hornblower musician, and one as an Icon Bearer carrying a feather-tasseled idol with a choice of two heads.

This kit can alternatively build five Raptadon Hunters, cunning skink cavalry armed with javelins.

This kit comprises 89 plastic components and comes with five Citadel 60x35mm Oval Bases. These miniatures are supplied unassembled and unpainted.
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