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Goliath Vehicle Cards

Goliath Vehicle Cards

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This pack contains 26 cards with which to expand your games of Necromunda, and can be used to represent the myriad tricks and schemes employed by the gangs. Contained within are a selection of 18 Gang Tactics cards recording gang tactics unique to House Goliath, and eight blank Fighter cards with the House Goliath emblem on them for tracking your gang members.

This box contains 26x cards (100mm x 75mm) for use in games of Necromunda:
- 8x Goliath Gang Tactics cards, which are for the exclusive use of Goliath gangs
- 8x blank Fighter cards, perfect for the Champions and Leaders in your gang deck, which have been stamped with the House Goliath crest.

You will need a copy of Necromunda: House of Chains and the Necromunda core rules to use this card pack in your games of Necromunda.

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