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Dungeons & Dragons - Monster Manual - Alternate Cover

Dungeons & Dragons - Monster Manual - Alternate Cover

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Gorgeous alternative cover version of The Monster Manual. This revised and expanded Monster Manual® contains a horde of creatures for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons®. Encounter a monstrous menagerie of familiar favourites like dragons, giants, and mind flayers, plus a host of new monsters like the arch-hag, the blob of annihilation, and the vampire nightbringer.

Populate your worlds and adventures with the hundreds of monsters provided, and let their stories, illustrations, and easy-to-use stat blocks fuel your D&D® adventures for years to come.

• Breath-taking new artwork for almost every monster, including stunning redesigns of the chromatic and metallic dragons.
• The biggest D&D monster manual ever, with over 500 total and over 75 brand-new monsters to choose from.
• Intuitive organization makes finding your favourite monster easier than ever before.

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