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Dungeon Adventures: Critters

Dungeon Adventures: Critters

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The deep places of the world are far from empty. Creatures make their homes there, preying on the weak and growing strong on the remnants of decaying magic. It is a careless adventurer who does not treat them with caution.

Contains Critters and Swarms for your dungeon

  • 2x Bat Swarm
  • 2x Giant Spiders
  • 2x Ravens
  • 2x Vultures
  • 2x Giant Lizard
  • 2x Giant Scorpion
  • 2x Owl
  • 2x Giant Rat
  • 2x Insect Swarm
  • 2x Pile o’snakes
  • 2x Perfectly normal treasure chest (make a DC15 Perception test)
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