Call Of Cthulhu Starter Set

Call Of Cthulhu Starter Set


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1 Call Of Cthulhu 7th Edition Starter Set contains:

  • Book 1: Introduction And Alone Against The Flames—A Solo Introductory Adventure, Teaching You The Basics Of Call Of Cthulhu As You Play Through A Mystery.
  • Book 2: Call Of Cthulhu Starter Rules—The Essential Rules, Everything Needed For Starting Play.
  • Book 3: Adventures—Three Starter Adventures For Your Players To Explore.
  • Ready To Play Investigators—Five Ready To Play Game Characters.
  • Blank Investigator Sheets—Ready For Creating Your Own Investigators.
  • Roleplaying Dice – A Set Of Six Polyhedral Dice For Use In The Game.
  • Player Handout – A Set Of Ready To Use Props.
  • 4 Classic Adventures

In each game players take on one of two roles. Most take the part of characters (called “investigators” - as that’s exactly what they do) who attempt to solve a mystery or to resolve some dire situation. The plots encountered are designed to challenge the investigators, who may become injured, suffer sanity-shattering experiences, or even be eaten by a monster!

The investigators need not be anything at all like the people who play them. As the game progresses, investigators can gain power from arcane books of forgotten lore, knowledge of horrendous monsters, and advancement in their skills as they become more experienced.

One player takes on the role of the Keeper. He or she chooses a scenario or creates their own plot, sets the stage, describes the scene, and portrays the people whom the investigators meet. The Keeper also helps resolve the action and referees the game’s rules. Since the Keeper must make extra preparation, players often rotate the duty of Keeper.

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