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Yu-Gi-Oh Egyptian God Deck: Slifer

Yu-Gi-Oh Egyptian God Deck: Slifer

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If you’ve ever wanted to build a Deck around an Egyptian God Card but didn’t know where to start, look no further than the Egyptian God Decks! Egyptian God Deck: Slifer the Sky Drago serves up simple strategies to Summon and win with Slifer the Sky Dragon.

Slifer powers up depending on how many cards you have in your hand, so this Deck uses Token-generating effects to help you gather the 3 required Tributes while using fewer cards from your hand. After you have Slifer on the field, power it up with cards that let you draw more cards, like the brand-new Thunderforce Attack! Based on Slifer’s signature attack, this Spell can destroy all your opponent’s face-up monsters at any time, but if you use it during your own Main Phase you can draw a card for each monster destroyed

• With both decks, you can mix and match their strategies to create an awesome Deck that can wield multiple Egyptian God Cards.
• Comes with everything you need to build your deck and start duelling!

• 1 x Double Sided Deluxe Playmat
• 40 x Cards Per Deck

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