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Pokemon GLC Challenge Tournament

Pokemon GLC Challenge Tournament

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Sunday 2nd June.

With regular League Challenge tournaments prohibited this month we will be holding a Gym Leader Challenge instead!

How do you play GLC?

  • Your deck can only contain one type (colour) of Pokémon.

  • Only one of each card with the same name allowed in a deck, except for Basic Energy.

  • Cards with a Rule Box are not allowed.

  • ACE SPEC cards are not allowed.

  • 60 card decks are built & 6 Prize Card games are played with the most current Pokemon TCG rules.


Shop opens at 10:30am.

First round begins at 11am.

Number of rounds dependant on number of entrants with a minimum of 3 rounds.

Prizing will be Prize packs. 

There is no age limit but you must be able to play the game unaided.

You must have a Pokemon Id to enter. Visit and log in to obtain one. 

House Rules

  • Each round is 50 minutes consisting of the best of three games and the time left will be clearly displayed
  • Rules disputes must be settled at the time of occurrence, once the match is over changes to the outcome cannot be made
  • Any players disqualified will also forfeit the right to any prizes and no refunds will be offered
  • AFK Gaming has the right to refuse entry to any person entering without explanation
  • Staff/Judge decisions are final
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