What's Happening In Store

We always have something going on in store that you can take part in.

From regular weekly events such as Friday Night Magic, Tabletop Tuesdays and Thursday Sword & Board to irregular tournaments for all our popular games.

If you want to see an event based on your favourite game then let us know!


Regular Events

These are event that run every single week, there is a £2 entry fee (unless you are a AFK Plus Member) and they are open for anyone to attend.


Tabletop Tuesdays

Come and play your favourite tabletop game with other like minded players.  From Warhammer to Bolt Action, X-Wing to Space Hulk.

6pm till 10pm


Sword & Board (Runs Fortnightly)

Thursday is now RPG night!  Or Board Game Night!  Either way come and join a adventuring party and slay your foes!  Popular games here include Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder and Call of Cthulhu.

6pm till 10pm


Friday Night Magic

Magic The Gathering's world famous Gaming Night!  Bring your deck and either take part in the event of the week (additional charge may apply to cover prizes) or play some casual Commander with friends!  Weekly formats are announced on our Facebook Page.

6pm till 10pm

Saturday Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament

Every Saturday come and test your dueling ability against some of South Devons top players in our weekly tournament.  AFK Gaming is a Official Tournament Store for Konami so you can win special promos and prizes you cannot get anywhere else!

1pm Registration

1:30pm till 5pm 



Upcoming Events


October 2020

4th - Speed Painting Competition

11th - Warhammer 40K Tournament

18th - Legend Of The Five Rings Store Championship

25th - Yu-Gi-Oh Traditional Tournament



November 2020

1st - Zendikar Rising Win-A-Box

8th - Legend Of The Five Rings Tournament

15th - Warhammer 40K Tournament

22nd - Budget Commander Tournament

29th - Yu-Gi-Oh Traditional Tournament


December 2020

6th - Warhammer Age of Sigmar Tournament

13th - Warhammer Apocalypse Game Of The Year

20th - Christmas Party!!!


Please note that due to COVID-19 we have implemented the NHS Track and Trace system that we ask all gamers to use.  Hand sanitiser is provided and masks must be worn in store unless otherwise exempt.  Customers displaying symptoms will be asked to leave and will not be served.  All tables, chairs and materials provided by AFK Gaming will be sanitised in between games.  We reserve the right to cancel and restrict event access at any time without prior warning, in this event refunds will be made available.