Visit Us

Come and see us in real life!


Where Are We?

We are based in Newton Abbot on Queen Street.  Only 100 yards from the train station, on a major bus route and a large pay and display car park is right behind us so we are easy to find and visit.  Just look in between KFC and Dominoes and you cannot miss us!


What Do You Do In Store?

We sell and play games, paint, socialise and have fun!

We keep our full range in store where you can browse, ask questions, place and collect orders.  

We also have a large gaming area for gamers regardless of your choice of tabletop game.

Want a game of Magic?  How about some 40K?  Or even go back in time and play some older editions of Warhammer.  We love to see players come in and enjoy the games they love so we have no restrictions on the games you want to play (just bear in mind that we do ask that you keep it family friendly!).

Do you have something we do not stock?  Show us and we can even look at adding it to our product line.

We also run regular events such as Friday Night Magic, Tabletop Tuesdays as well as competitions, tournaments, pre-release and many others, keep an eye on our Facebook Page or sign up to our newsletter for all the latest goings on.


Is There A Fee To Play (Table Tax)?

We have a small charge of £2 per person to use of our tables.  This includes use of terrain.

For our evening events such as Friday Night Magic and Tabletop Tuesdays there is a £2 cover charge for the whole evening.

However, if you are a AFK Plus member then all of this is waived.  You get free access to tables except ticketed events.


Do I Have To Book?

No but it is recommended.  You can call us up, send a message on Facebook or just pop in to ask to reserve a table for the same day.

If you are going to be late then let us know otherwise you may lose your booking.

All tables are booked on a first come first served basis.


Anything Else?

Yes!  We have AFK Painting Studio our in house commission painting team who can help advise you on your next project, offer tips and more.

We have a constantly growing range of products and if there is something you want that we do not have in stock then we may be able to order it in for you.  Just ask!

We have loads of events, tournaments, competitions, RPG events, trips to conventions and more so keep an eye out and we will see you soon!